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Clean up day at the Maya Center


Maya women still do their laundry in the streams near their village.

Cockscomb Lodge


At Nu'uc Che'il Cottages, you get the opportunity of staying for an overnight in Maya Center Village and really experience the true love and hospitality of the Mayan people.

Getting closer to Nature


In 1986, the Cockscomb Basin wildlife Sanctuary was officially established. This became home to many species including the Jaguar and other wild cats such as the...

Making corn tortilla in the Museum


Meet Heliadora Saqui, an Indigenous Mopan Mayan woman who, operates the COCKSCOMB DINER, and serves great authentic Mayan Cuisine.

Tourist enjoying live marimba music


Live cultural marimba playing and dancing and most of all you get to participate in all of the activities at the Maya Museum.

Welcome to Our Site!


Last Updated 21.05.10

Mr. ChocCockscomb Maya Tours and The Maya Center Mayan Museum, is Located in the Maya Center village, on the access road of the World's only Jaguar Preserve and next to the Maya Center Women’s Group craft and ticket center. Tourist destinations such as Placencia, Hopkins, Dangriga, and Punta Gorda are easily accessible by public bus or we can pick you up. Call us at 660 – 3903 or 608 – 4992 or 668 – 2194. We’ll be happy to assist you.

About Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve


Posted on 23.04.10

Trail Head of the Jaguar ReserveIn an effort to save the wild cats, Dr. Allan Robinowitz visited Belize in 1984, and started his research in the Cockscomb Basin, a place with a small number of the world's second largest cat -the JAGUAR. However, the establishment of the COCKSCOMB BASIN WILDLIFE SANCTUARY JAGUAR PRESERVE in 1986 has helped to increase the population of these endangered cats.


About the Guide


Last Updated 21.05.10

Julio SaquiI am Julio Saqui, your tour guide. As a tour guide, who really love what I do, I spent 16 years of my life working in this industry.  My love for nature and people has prompt me to start Cockscomb Maya Tours and Maya Center Mayan Museum, so that I can fully share my homeland and culture to visitors and friends. I am Mopan Mayan, an Indigenous Mayan of Belize, who grew up and trained in the Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve.


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Corn Tortilla Making

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